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Offsite construction expertise since 1989

A vision of construction propelled by innovation, technology and prefabrication
Our SMART Concept
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Automation amplifies the precision of our pre-engineered construction systems

World-class and high precision assembly line.

Discover our way of building. A world-class automated assembly line combined with new generation technological tools. End-to-end communication between our project planning and our prefabrication equipment. This approach allows us to build high precision, high quality and high reliability offsite construction systems. We can generate faster production and construction timelines. For new home or multi-residential units project geared towards the construction technologies of the future, today!
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Construction know-how and technical flexibility for your projects.

Forward-looking construction systems optimized for your building objectives.

Prefabricated panels, modules, or hybrid, we have the construction systems and technologies to drive your project faster. Tell us about your needs, budget, construction timeline and the architectural style of your project. We'll match the most suited technical solutions to your project.
Offsite 2D panel technology
Offsite 3D modular technology
Offsite Pod technology

The new equation for a more sustainable future in construction.

Orchestrating technology, prefabrication know-how and construction.

For more than 30 years, our mission has been to strive every day to design and engineer innovative construction techniques. To satisfy and adapt with agility to the multiple nature of your projects. To optimize the technical use of materials. To accelerate site processes. To reduce the environmental footprint of construction. We are instigating, collaborating and developing the new industrial equation to modernize and speed up construction projects.

The digitization of design, prefabrication and construction flows is a game-changer.

Latest technological tools. Intelligent & interconnected offsite/onsite processes.

Powered by TCOST
Project management tools
Powered by REVIT
3D design software and tools
Powered by BIM
Collaborative project management

Cutting-edge technology
powered by TCOST genius

An innovative and intelligent business management platform (BIP) that connects offsite construction and onsite installation processes and realities.
A bank of dynamic and intelligent meta-data and algorithms for real-time construction costs, materials, tasks, works, times, budgets, ROI (offsite and onsite).
High-precision optimization tools for a sustainable use of materials and labor as well as loss minimization offsite and onsite.
A lean manufacturing approach to construction thanks to data, metrics, reports and performance indicators combining offsite and onsite construction ROIs.

Revit technology connecting architecture, engineering and construction teams

Software platform to facilitate the co-creation process of structured and intelligent building models with information allowing to produce 3D digital representation in the overall BIM process.
To centralize project documentation and to visualize files, plan revisions and elevations, in 3D in real time and as projects change and evolve.
To optimize design review and conflict detection processes before production and to obtain real time progress information on projects.
To create an environment for collaboration, design and data sharing between architects, engineers, contractors (AEC) and offsite manufacturers on a project in real time.

BIM to model building data in 3D and to centralize project information

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the overall process of creating and managing information for a construction project from an intelligent 3D drawing/model and a cloud platform.
To manage more easily projects' complexities, to provide access & to organize data and to connect teams and all professionals involved in the same project in a single environment.
To improve project visibility, to manage deliverables with agility, to collaborate and co-create in Revit, to centralize and exchange data and to provide a complete view of project progress and deliverables.
To integrate the structured data of all project collaborators, to produce the 3D representation of a project throughout its life cycle from design, to planning, to construction all the way to building operation & maintenance.

3D digital modeling opens up new horizons in building design.

A SMART building concept.
Quick to configure & iterate.

We believe that intelligent, repeatable and perfectible designs have a positive impact on the flow of operations, the speed of factory prefabrication and the final result onsites. 3D building models engineered and optimized specifically from a prefab construction philosophy can be efficient, reliable and accelerate onsite construction schedules. Discover our SMART building concept: industrial engineering to build multi-residential building like planes, trains and cars.
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Connecting the dots and mastering offsite and onsite construction processes.

Optimized processes.
Faster building sites.

We are prefabricator. We are builder. We know and understand the reality onsite and the reality offsite. We can connect the dots, master complex prefabrication and construction processes, improve costs and workflows with a high level of precision, efficiency and transparency to achieve new heights of productivity on building sites.
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The modern and positive impacts of offsite construction.

To build faster, efficiently
and eco-responsibly.


High precision and high energy-efficiency construction systems for high performance projects.

More quality for your project
High precision, high performance offsite construction technology
Better multi-residential building designs engineered for accelerated offsite production
Better product reliability, solidity and overall project quality
Better controlled and fully digitized construction environment
Better overall control and understanding of offsite & onsite combined construction processes and costs
Better manufacturing and a continuous and industrial improvement approach to construction
Better buildings respectful of compliance and building code

Emerging technologies, tools and processes to increase productivity and efficiency on construction sites.

More efficiency for your project
Leading edge cost, operations and management technologies for construction projects
End-to-end integrated and digitized construction project flows from design to site installation
Advanced & structured processes for more productivity and more efficiency on construction sites
Faster deliveries and faster projects timelines
Leveraging construction manpower offsite and onsite
Cleaner, safer and more organized construction sites

Varied needs, varied levels of prefab factory construction and finishings to speed up site construction.

More velocity for you project
Result-oriented industrial processes and management principles applied to construction
Integrated and interconnected design, planning, production processes
Faster construction processes thanks to prefabrication and technology
Faster on-site installation
Faster occupancy

Only 2% of residual materials are generated by prefabrication which are, in turn, recycled & revalued.

Offsite construction
a greener approach to building
Helps decarbonize construction
Helps optimize the use and management of material and human resources
Helps minimize construction site wastes thanks to prefabrication
Helps reduce operational energy onsite
Helps reduce greenhouse emissions during construction & during entire lifecycle
Helps provide more ergonomics and safety in construction work offsite & onsite
Helps minimize onsite noise for the neighbourhood during construction

More efficient, more eco-responsible construction techniques thanks to prefabrication and technology.

More sustainability for your project
Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and renewable timber-framed homes and buildings
A pro-active ESG (environment, social and governance) vision of construction
A precise and intelligent management tool for calculating and optimizing the use of materials and minimizing losses
A 4.0 factory project pushing further our efficient resource management, our responsible handling of minimal production waste, and fostering circular collaboration
Prefabrication and offsite construction offer solid, efficient, durable and recyclable solutions to traditional construction
An advanced project lifecycle management technology: from building design to operation to maintenance
With BIM, 3D data modeling, it is now possible to identify, locate, repurpose and recycle building sections and extend the life of building materials
Return on investment

Improved ROI through accelerated project timelines & true construction project costs.

Better ROI for your multiplex project
Faster deliverables and job completions
Faster occupancy & income from rent and/or sales
Faster returns on project investment
Shorter financing periods

Embrace the new era in construction.

Offsite construction for thoughtful and sustainable projects.

Unlock the full potential of our innovative construction systems and integrated services. Explore our sustainable construction technologies tailored to suit your needs. Whether it's for a single-detached home, vacation home, townhouses, plex, multiplex or multi-unit residential building projects (MURB), we have the solutions.